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Testimonials :: Hot Couture Vintage Fashion, Santa Rosa

Hot Couture Vintage Clothing and Costume Rentals in Santa Rosa


"My all time, hands down, no doubt favorite vintage clothing store!

There are many reasons, which I will name below, but the main one is that they are 99% real vintage, meaning pre-1979. There are a few 80's pieces for the young'uns, but you are guaranteed to find a store chock full of amazing finds.

So the reasons they're my favorite?

  • Quality - The pieces are cleaned, repaired, pressed and shiny when they go on the racks. And if there are tears or stains that aren't repairable it says so on the tag. No surprises.
  • Price - Yes, people say "these are not thrift-store prices!". When was the last time you walked into a thrift store and found six 30's or 40's dresses in your size? $45 to $75 for a garment that has survived the ages is well worth it to me.
  • Rentals - Need something wacky for just one night? Rent it. There is a whole store's worth of rental stock and they can pull together an amazing outfit for you.
  • Knowledge - Marta is amazing! The woman knows everything and then some about fashion through the ages, from the basics to the nuances of what was worn when and why. She should, she has had Hot Couture for 20+ years."

— Emily H.

"Hot Couture is my favorite vintage clothing store, period. I truly love this Mom and Pop store. I was born and raised in Santa Rosa, and Hot Couture has been there my entire life. The owner and staff are all really friendly and helpful. Most of all, I love this place for the costume rentals.

For any costume event, Hot Couture is the best place to create your own magnificent costume. When I was a teenager, I first rented a Halloween costumes here. The owner, Marta, helped me pick out the perfect accessories for my costume.

I still buy clothing here, for events such as Burning Man. If you are looking for a Burning Man, Halloween, or Old' Timey Costume, this is the best place to go. I also enjoy shopping here with my girlfriend. Coming to Hot Couture is always fun, even if you are just browsing."

— Jackson W.

"This store has been in Railroad Square FOREVER. I love this store. Marta, the owner, knows her stuff! I love the mix of clothing here, and how organized the store is laid out. Looking forward to going back!"

— Amanda B.

"I like the selection here a lot.

The items were clearly well edited and it is nice that all the dresses are grouped by color. Another plus is that this store carries vintage clothing in larger sized (size 12 and up) which is a real rarity - most vintage clothes come in tinsy, girdle-demanding sizes.

The owner of the shop was very friendly. I didn't buy anything but she did give me a tip about washing vintage garments (cottons can go in the was but don't put them in the dryer!)"

— Ruby F.

"Great selection of vintage dresses, skirts, shirts, shoes, and hats. Men's clothing too! They are on the expensive side though, but I don't mind paying for the convenience. I always stop in."

— Charlie D.

"I always find the best accessories here! From belts, jewelry, and they have beautiful scarves that start at $8. What a steal! Hot Couture is definitely a must."

— Claudia D.

"This store is amazing, they sell items from the turn of the century (or before?!) all the way through the '80s. Marta has been doing this for 30 years so she really knows her stuff. You won't find things here with holes and tears like some other shops. Their costume rentals for Halloween & parties are AMAZING."

— Justine M.

"Wonderful selection of both men's and women's clothing. It's always great when I can take my husband into a clothing store and he's not bored within 5 minutes. Lots of high-quality clothes and accessories. I love that they organize things by color, style and era. Fantastic selection of purses, scarves and hats!

Items ranged from low-priced casual house dressed to more expensive, unique items in pristine condition, still very reasonably priced for the quality. I was happy to see a shop that seems to carry mostly 40's-60's — no 70's and 80's crap here. The shopkeeper was friendly and knowledgeable too."

— Moe J.

Hot Couture Vintage is a locally owned and operated vintage clothing store located in downtown Santa Rosa. Our store offers a carefully curated selection of high end, excellent condition vintage clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories that are 30+ years or older. We also run a full costume rental service for any of your costume needs.

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We are open daily:

Monday - Sat, 10am to 6pm
Sunday, 11am to 5pm

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